Choosing a Name (Round 3)

Yesterday, I witnessed our third child, Warren Kyle Herbert, enter the world. It was every bit as exciting, nerve-racking, and wonderful as the other two times I’ve witnessed one of my children take their very first breath. Witnessing new life come into the world for the first time is one of God’s best gifts that He can give us. “Gift” is the word that comes to mind because there are so many aspects about the growth and development of a baby that are outside of our control. Yet, by the grace of God, a fully formed tiny human enters a world waiting for him to arrive. I wrote about the significance of both Camden and June’s names after they were born, so I wanted to keep up the tradition.
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Training Institute: U.K. (Month Review)


Here’s a quick rundown of the first month of the Training Institute: U.K.:

  • Katie Yarbro, Elizabeth Ogburn, and Merritt Denman are the first interns for the program, and they are all serving with One Church in Brighton, England.
  • They hit the ground running and headed to Youth Camp, an off-site but nearby gathering of multiple congregations that gave the interns an early jump on meeting some One Church members.
  • The host home for each of the girls has been incredible with hospitality and inclusion.
  • 13568882_10207130039034012_1407876478704108352_oOne Church hosted its first of several CHOMP events, which are meal and activity provisions for the local community while kids are on holiday from school. The interns have mentioned that a noteworthy takeaway was how disarming it can be to simply sit down next to someone at a meal table. The volunteer servers do not stand back and keep to themselves, but rather they are expected to pull up a folding chair and sit with those whom they serve at the plastic pop-up table. Continue reading “Training Institute: U.K. (Month Review)”

Social Media Detox- The 1st Month

Men in PlaidOur last all-staff  meeting had one looming bullet on the agenda- the “Social Media Experiment”. Brady and Joey
introduced an opportunity to the individuals of our staff to take a break from a habit in our lives as engrained as brushing our teeth. The challenge was met with clenched jaws, crossed arms, and audible sighs. A social media-free summer? Is that even possible? An image was created the very same afternoon, replacing the profile pictures of many of your Harris Creek staffers. Though my profile remains a picture of my kids in a field of bluebonnets, I am actively participating in this experiment and break from the noise of social media for two months.


I felt a little unfairly primed for this experiment. A few weeks before our meeting, I hastily deleted the Facebook app from my phone in order to free up space to take a few pictures. The allotted memory is never quite enough for this snap-happy mama. I started to notice how refreshing it felt NOT having the little blue icon literally at my fingertips at all times. I chose to leave the Facebook app off my phone and felt surprisingly lighter. Activity-packed last days of school came along and I found myself enjoying the experiences of wrapping up preschool for my youngest and year-end festivities for my oldest without pondering what was “post-worthy”, or trying to determine how to frame the experience through a perfectly-worded caption. This experiment begs the decade-old question- if our ten year wedding anniversary passes without posting about it, will it even happen?

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Contentment in God’s Great and Precious Promises

At the end of 2015, I asked God if there was a word I needed as a banner over my life this year, if there was anything in particular He wanted me to grow in or dwell on. I felt that the word He spoke over me for 2016 was CONTENTMENT. Based on the way the past 6 months have gone so far, I believe that’s exactly the thing I needed to grow in most this year!

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Our Turn & Kids

As a reminder, the Our Turn campaign is a “one fund” approach, which means every dollar we give goes into the ministry budget of Harris Creek. In other words, your generosity can help us pay off the note for a building but it can also purchase Goldfish for kids or reduce the cost for students to attend a Youth Ministry event. To give you an idea of what your generosity is involved with, here are a couple of exciting things to celebrate in our Kids Ministry.

On June 2, we celebrated our 2nd annual Navigate Family Fun Night where kids brought their parents to the Sunwest Campus. The evening gave our parents the opportunity to experience how their kids worship on Sundays. This summer, our Life App is Faith: believing what Jesus did can change me. We sang fun songs together, met a silly professor and heard about how Saul met Jesus and how it literally changed his life. We left our families with the question: How can we see Jesus the way that Saul did and allow Jesus to change our lives? Following the family experience, we enjoyed pizza, played on inflatables, and enjoyed community. It was such a fun evening!



Just a few days after, Pine Cove’s Camp in the City came to Waco and invaded Harris Creek. Our kids had an AMAZING week learning about Jesus, playing hard and hanging with the best counselors around! On Thursday evening, staff and host families had the opportunity to hear stories—from the counselors—of things they had observed during camp. Here are a couple stories I wanted to share:

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Up for A Hike?




Any trail that I have hiked (granted, there have only been a few in my life) has always contained at least two vivid realities – a hopeful destination and undoubtedly a painful switchback or two. We all have the idea of the destination firmly in the forefront of our thoughts as the journey begins. Legs are strong. Lungs are good, and confidence is high. But as the elevation climbs, and the trail gets more difficult, the prize at the end seems to be a distant goal at best.

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Our Turn Update #2

Church Family,

This past Sunday, I started my message with a quarterly update on our progress regarding the “Our Turn” initiative. Like last time, if you want to watch the video of what was said, we have that available online as a resource for you to use in order to stay informed. As I said during our first update in March, we will include a quarterly statement with these updates so you can track your progress based on your commitment made last year. Each update will continue to focus on two key areas of interest: giving progress and how things are developing on the construction timeline. There have been some exciting and important developments that we’ve been waiting to share with you.


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