Text, Textiles, and Context

Please continue to follow the Harris Creek blog for Our Turn Updates throughout the next few years. You will read and see construction updates as well as ministry happenings. After all, this vision is about how our church family is doing whatever it takes to bring people to Jesus.

photo-1458682625221-3a45f8a844c7In recent months, the conceptual phase of Sunwest expansion has been moving along closer to what will be a new reality for the neighborhood. What were previously just artistic renderings and words of text on a page have now become first looks at actual textile swatches and fixture options. These still-early decisions give us a better grasp for actual budget expenses, and they really let us put our hands on something we’ve been merely talking about for months.

In similar terms, we have been planning the first semester of the Training Institute: UK for almost a year now, and this month we will be able to feel the boarding pass and passports in our hand. Three young adults—see a previous post for more information on the why behind the trip as well as pictures of the three interns­—will be leaving soon for a summer immersion in Brighton, England, where they will be working alongside various ministry partners to observe how the Church operates in Europe and what we can learn in contextualizing ministry for Waco, Texas.

image13To be reminded of your own context in Waco, Texas, our church invites you to serve lunch with us on May 22 at 9:45am at Church Under the Bridge. Our “Young at Heart” (55+) church members will be hosting the lunch and enjoying conversation with the local citizens that meet each week for worship under the overpass near I-35 and 5th Street. For more information, contact Todd Ferguson (lifegroups@harriscreek.org).

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