Our Turn & Kids

As a reminder, the Our Turn campaign is a “one fund” approach, which means every dollar we give goes into the ministry budget of Harris Creek. In other words, your generosity can help us pay off the note for a building but it can also purchase Goldfish for kids or reduce the cost for students to attend a Youth Ministry event. To give you an idea of what your generosity is involved with, here are a couple of exciting things to celebrate in our Kids Ministry.

On June 2, we celebrated our 2nd annual Navigate Family Fun Night where kids brought their parents to the Sunwest Campus. The evening gave our parents the opportunity to experience how their kids worship on Sundays. This summer, our Life App is Faith: believing what Jesus did can change me. We sang fun songs together, met a silly professor and heard about how Saul met Jesus and how it literally changed his life. We left our families with the question: How can we see Jesus the way that Saul did and allow Jesus to change our lives? Following the family experience, we enjoyed pizza, played on inflatables, and enjoyed community. It was such a fun evening!



Just a few days after, Pine Cove’s Camp in the City came to Waco and invaded Harris Creek. Our kids had an AMAZING week learning about Jesus, playing hard and hanging with the best counselors around! On Thursday evening, staff and host families had the opportunity to hear stories—from the counselors—of things they had observed during camp. Here are a couple stories I wanted to share:

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Several years ago we had conversations in my home about foster care and foster to adopt. I read or saw something that spoke of all the children in our county that need caring homes.  I have three boys of my own, and thinking of a child not having a safe, loving environment tears me up inside.   My big ole heart wanted to bring them all home.


I have had the privilege of hearing stories from families who have jumped in with foster care. These families who have welcomed children into their homes are amazing…or actually, let’s just call them SUPERHEROES!

We have an opportunity, as a church, to come alongside families who are wading into the deep waters of foster care and support them. One way we can help is to provide essentials for the child who is placed in their home. Many times, kids arrive to a foster home with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. To say this is a difficult time in the lives of these kids is an understatement.

This month in Navigate, we are talking about Cooperation: working together to do more than you can do alone. This Sunday, our Bottom Line is “we can work together to change someone’s life.” That’s a pretty big statement for a kid to grasp, so we wanted to do something tangible that would help our kids know they can make a difference.

This week, we will be assembling “Foster Care Emergency Boxes” for families who will receive a foster child in their home. To do this we need your help with purchasing items to build the boxes. Our Navigate kids will be filling boxes, praying over the items, and writing notes of encouragement to the families who will be welcoming these kids.

This is a tangible way to seek the welfare of the city and show our kids that they can make a difference! Please bring your items to church this Sunday* and place them on the table in the foyer or Navigate hallway at Sunwest or the Kidspace Downtown.  If you have any questions email cferrero@harriscreek.org.


Baby Items

Diapers and Wipes
Gift cards to HEB

Boy & Girl Items

Lunch Boxes
Water bottle/Sippy Cup
Small Toy or Stuffed Animal
Book or Coloring Book
Gift Cards to Walmart/Target


*If you are unable to bring your items by this Sunday but would like to contribute, the church wide initiative will continue through Palm Sunday, so please continue bringing your donations (needed items or financial contribution). Contact missions@harriscreek.org for more information.


Lent Day 14 Reflection

“And I will appoint you as…a light to the nations, to open blind eyes, to bring out prisoners from the dungeon and those who dwell in darkness from the prison.”
 Isaiah 42:6-7

I am a church girl…there, I said it.  I remember walking down the aisle of Immanuel Baptist Church at the ripe old age of seven and professing my faith in front of the whole congregation.  I can’t remember a time in my life where God was not in it.  I attended a Christian school through 7th grade, and all the people in my life were just like me.  That all changed in 8th grade when my parents and I made the decision to enroll me in Berwick Junior High.  Junior high is such a great time to make a big transition right?  I had an upset stomach every morning…the ENTIRE year.  I remember walking into school the first day with sweaty palms feeling as if I would lose my breakfast at any minute.  Every other day the rest of the year was pretty much like that first day.  It was tough.  Thankfully, high school was better.

Before that 8th grade experience I had been very sheltered.  All my friends were like me.  We went to church together, we went to Christian school together and that pretty much summed up those I spent time with.  I lived in a little Christian bubble.  That first day, walking into Berwick Junior High with my Z-Cavaricci jeans (hideous…why didn’t someone tell me?!), was the first time that I was faced with kids who were not church kids, who did not hold the same belief system with which I had been raised, and surely didn’t act like the kids I was used to being around.

Fast forward to today.  I spend my days in the walls of a church.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my job.  Thinking and dreaming about ways to connect kids to their Creator is a pretty cool gig, and I’m grateful for it.  The danger in this is that sometimes I feel as if I’m right back where I was before that 8th grade transition.  My life is immersed with people like me.

The entry from our Lent guide states “Many in our city are trapped in patterns of sin they cannot see.  Come Lord Jesus.  You are the light of the world.”

snaps-webchristina4When is the last time I’ve had a conversation with someone who does not follow Jesus?  How do I even do this?  Life is full…very full.  Working full time, having three awesome boys, an amazing husband and great friends keeps me running most days, but I am called “to bring out prisoners from the dungeon and those who dwell in darkness from the prison.”

To be honest, thinking about how to make this a part of my life can seem as difficult as walking into that junior high school for the first time many years ago.  I know it is what I am called to do as a follower of Christ. I feel compelled to do it, but what does it look like in this life that I am living?  Do I need to be more intentional with the lady next to my mat in yoga class this week?  Do I need to schedule a hang out time for my boys with a friend that isn’t connected to a church community?  These are the things I wrestle with.  In this life that God has placed me, how do I shine His light and set those who are captive free?


This time of year, when students begin returning to school, I feel as if the year gets a bit of a reset. I usually find myself thinking about what I would like to see accomplished over the new school year and look back to evaluate where we currently are this year. The holidays will be here before I know it and another calendar year will have passed. This is a time to make needed adjustments.

Just a few weeks ago we dedicated our youngest son, Jude. Micah 6:8 was the verse we used as our prayer for him: “He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly, and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” My husband and I both felt like this verse sums up our prayer for him as he grows into the person he will become.

In thinking about my older sons as they enter third and fourth grade, Micah 6:8 is my prayer for them as well. If they enter their campus desiring to make wise choices, showing mercy to those around them and walking with God, their lives will make an impact on those around them.

This fall in Navig8, we are going Back to the Basics! The three main truths we want kids to grasp hold of are:

Wisdom: I can make the wise choice.
Faith: I can trust God no matter what.
Friendship: Treat others the way I want to be treated.

These truths sound a lot like Micah 6:8. My prayer is that these truths will penetrate the hearts of our kids, and as a result their lives will change. When our kids’ lives change they will be able to make an impact in their world! So let’s encourage them to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with God.