Our Turn Update #1

Church Family,

If you weren’t with us in corporate worship on Sunday, I began by spending a few minutes giving a quarterly update on the progress of the “Our Turn” initiative. If you want to watch the video version of the update, we have that available for you online to watch when you get time. We are going to build quarterly updates into our natural rhythm and routine as a way for you to stay informed and track the progress of the campaign. Every update will be accompanied by a quarterly statement, which is included in this letter, for anyone who made a commitment to the campaign (some of you have likely received this before the update on Sunday, which is great). Each update will focus on two key areas of interest: giving progress and how things are developing on the construction timeline (we will also include any other noteworthy developments in these updates, so please make sure to stay informed and aware of how things are trending).

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“OUR TURN” Campaign Updates (Oct-Dec)

Remember all those emails you received from Harris Creek regarding the initial launch of the OUR TURN campaign? Guess what?!? Now you can see a quick overview of the campaign conversation that took place between October and December, forever preserved for posterity through our blog.

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Meant for Something More

Harris Creek’s “Our Turn” is more than just a sermon series that stretched from October to November. It is a campaign to rally behind for the next two years. It is a challenge to regularly remind us of our commitment to seeing God at work through the ministries of a local church. We will continue sharing testimonies and inspirational stories throughout this unique expression of our church’s history, and we acknowledge that all recognition is not to us but to His name. Evan and Melanie Martin share their reaction and a neat story about how they are responding to the cause.

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Faithfulness in the Past, Loving-Kindness for the Next

The Brooks household has grown in many ways since first connecting with Harris Creek. The family is different now and the same could be said of Harris Creek. No with 2 kids added to the Brooks household and with 2 campuses now making up Harris Creek, God has continued to demonstrate great faithfulness in remaining present with us. Wes & Paige Brooks speak for many of us in expressing gratitude for God’s loving-kindness in past seasons, and we anticipate what is to come in the seasons ahead.

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The Fear of Safety

It only takes one conversation with John Bernhart to realize he is mature for his age, experienced in spiritual wisdom and disciplined devotion beyond his years as a twenty-something. For that alone, Harris Creek cannot simply claim him as a model prototype of our ministry efforts, but rather we are quick to applaud the work of his primary faith-influencers (his parents) and the previous saints who have shaped John’s faith. It is noteworthy though that John articulates the type of reciprocal commitment we offer students and hope they offer back to God as young adults in Waco, and not only does John speak the language, he also walks the walk through faithful service in the context of deep, invested community.

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Transitions and Planting Trees

Mark and Carol Welstead are the kind of people you want your children to know because they are the kind of people you yourself hope to become. Steady, reliable, and a brand of sincerity that can only be produced from one divine source. At a time such as this when we wait for God to demonstrate righteous deeds again, it’s important to see the God-fearing people in our midst now as we proceed to establish new “oaks of righteousness” for our future (Isaiah 61).

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Story of Restoration

We know how God’s presence was evident in previous generations, and we invite God to make Himself known in our time (Habakkuk 3:2). God’s story has always been one about restoring peace, and with the “Our Turn” campaign, we recognize our opportunity to see how each person’s story is a glimpse to God’s greater narrative of peace/welfare. Steven and Jessica Gereghty, covenant members at our Downtown Campus, openly share about a recent episode of their life when the people and the ministries of Harris Creek intersected with a deep need in their faith and in their marriage.

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