Our Turn Update #3

Church Family,

On Sunday, we had a quarterly update on the “Our Turn” initiative to help keep you aware of the progress. This update is unique because we are nearing the one-year anniversary of the “Our Turn” campaign and have some significant updates across the board to share with you. In this update, I will share an update on giving and the construction timeline regarding the Sunwest Campus expansion project. I also want to share some news concerning our Training Institute: United Kingdom.


We are nearing 10 months of giving data when it comes to how we are trending on the giving front. If you read our monthly publication called “Keeping You Current,” you already know that our monthly finances are doing well right now. This means we are covering our operating budget on a monthly basis and managing costs really well. To put it another way, our proportional giving seems to be on track and healthy.

When it comes to expanded, or sacrificial, giving, we are seeing a little lag with a sizeable number of people. There are 105 “giving units” (families or individuals) who have fulfilled less than 35% of their pledged amount. As we near the halfway point in this two-year process, we really need everyone to revisit your commitments to see how you can stay on track. We are approaching the time to close with the bank on the construction loan and needing to make some significant financial decisions based on the pledges that were made. If you can revisit your commitment and let us know if anything has changed, this will help us update our records and make fiscally sound decisions. The easiest way to update your commitment is to email Kelly Merritt (finance@harriscreek.org) and let her know of any changes in your circumstances.


On the construction front, you will see a new rendering of the expansion project at the entrance of the Sunwest Campus. We have received 100% of our construction documents from our architects and are now getting final bids from our general contractor. The goal is to break ground on the project within the next two months, sometime in November.

On a related note, we will have an opportunity to revisit the vision behind this campaign and celebrate all that God has accomplished over the past year during our morning worship services on Sunday, October 16. We will also host a special gathering that evening for everyone in our congregation from 5-7p at our Sunwest Campus. This event will provide some unique ways to envision the future and spend some time in prayer as the beginning of the construction phase gets closer on our Sunwest Campus expansion project. It’s going to be a great weekend and an important moment for our congregation that you won’t want to miss!

Finally, the last quarterly update included a request for prayer regarding the outdoor baptistery. I wanted to let you know that we got approval from the City of Waco to move forward with the design, and we are thrilled! We have some amazing people helping us with this portion of the project, which we see as a gift from God. We also knew that it would take a certain amount of divine favor to make this happen, so we are grateful for your prayers and for the good news.


The “Our Turn” campaign has been about far more than a building from the outset, and part of our expansion strategy included starting a cross-cultural equipping opportunity in the United Kingdom. Our first team from Harris Creek returned from the Training Institute in the UK in August, and they had an incredible experience. The team worked with a church in Brighton, England, for the summer. The experience was extremely fruitful, and we’re looking forward to expanding the Training Institute in the coming year by sending more people and adding more partner churches/para-church organizations. Our entire congregation will also have a unique opportunity in the coming months to connect with the work going on in the Training Institute: United Kingdom when Dave Steel, the pastor of One Church Brighton, preaches at Harris Creek on Sunday, November 6.


In closing, I would say there is a ton of positive momentum and groundwork being laid across the board right now, so be encouraged! I hope you will continue to pray about how you can take more steps to contribute to all that is happening through the “Our Turn” initiative. It’s clear there is a fresh movement of God in our city, and the work He is doing through Harris Creek is part of this new chapter being written. Exciting days are right around the corner!

In Christ,

Brady Herbert


If you missed the update on Sunday, check out the video below.

Up for A Hike?




Any trail that I have hiked (granted, there have only been a few in my life) has always contained at least two vivid realities – a hopeful destination and undoubtedly a painful switchback or two. We all have the idea of the destination firmly in the forefront of our thoughts as the journey begins. Legs are strong. Lungs are good, and confidence is high. But as the elevation climbs, and the trail gets more difficult, the prize at the end seems to be a distant goal at best.

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Our Turn Update #2

Church Family,

This past Sunday, I started my message with a quarterly update on our progress regarding the “Our Turn” initiative. Like last time, if you want to watch the video of what was said, we have that available online as a resource for you to use in order to stay informed. As I said during our first update in March, we will include a quarterly statement with these updates so you can track your progress based on your commitment made last year. Each update will continue to focus on two key areas of interest: giving progress and how things are developing on the construction timeline. There have been some exciting and important developments that we’ve been waiting to share with you.


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For The City: Waco (an update from intern Caroline Thornton)

“Our group signed up through For The City: Waco to partner with Arrow. […] The beauty of this service opportunity for our group is that we do not have to organize every person’s schedule to line up for one big event, but instead, one of us or a few of us at a time can respond to Arrow and offer to take a meal, clean up a house, install a ceiling fan, or join a family at the park.” Continue reading “For The City: Waco (an update from intern Caroline Thornton)”

Our Turn Update #1

Church Family,

If you weren’t with us in corporate worship on Sunday, I began by spending a few minutes giving a quarterly update on the progress of the “Our Turn” initiative. If you want to watch the video version of the update, we have that available for you online to watch when you get time. We are going to build quarterly updates into our natural rhythm and routine as a way for you to stay informed and track the progress of the campaign. Every update will be accompanied by a quarterly statement, which is included in this letter, for anyone who made a commitment to the campaign (some of you have likely received this before the update on Sunday, which is great). Each update will focus on two key areas of interest: giving progress and how things are developing on the construction timeline (we will also include any other noteworthy developments in these updates, so please make sure to stay informed and aware of how things are trending).

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Several years ago we had conversations in my home about foster care and foster to adopt. I read or saw something that spoke of all the children in our county that need caring homes.  I have three boys of my own, and thinking of a child not having a safe, loving environment tears me up inside.   My big ole heart wanted to bring them all home.


I have had the privilege of hearing stories from families who have jumped in with foster care. These families who have welcomed children into their homes are amazing…or actually, let’s just call them SUPERHEROES!

We have an opportunity, as a church, to come alongside families who are wading into the deep waters of foster care and support them. One way we can help is to provide essentials for the child who is placed in their home. Many times, kids arrive to a foster home with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. To say this is a difficult time in the lives of these kids is an understatement.

This month in Navigate, we are talking about Cooperation: working together to do more than you can do alone. This Sunday, our Bottom Line is “we can work together to change someone’s life.” That’s a pretty big statement for a kid to grasp, so we wanted to do something tangible that would help our kids know they can make a difference.

This week, we will be assembling “Foster Care Emergency Boxes” for families who will receive a foster child in their home. To do this we need your help with purchasing items to build the boxes. Our Navigate kids will be filling boxes, praying over the items, and writing notes of encouragement to the families who will be welcoming these kids.

This is a tangible way to seek the welfare of the city and show our kids that they can make a difference! Please bring your items to church this Sunday* and place them on the table in the foyer or Navigate hallway at Sunwest or the Kidspace Downtown.  If you have any questions email cferrero@harriscreek.org.


Baby Items

Diapers and Wipes
Gift cards to HEB

Boy & Girl Items

Lunch Boxes
Water bottle/Sippy Cup
Small Toy or Stuffed Animal
Book or Coloring Book
Gift Cards to Walmart/Target


*If you are unable to bring your items by this Sunday but would like to contribute, the church wide initiative will continue through Palm Sunday, so please continue bringing your donations (needed items or financial contribution). Contact missions@harriscreek.org for more information.


Living Water Well Update: Uganda

This past year, our congregation generously gave to Living Water International to bring clean drinking water and the message of Jesus Christ to those around the world. We recently received an update upon the completion of a well project that we funded in Uganda. The well was constructed at a place called Kikoni Standard College that has 1,200 students and 80 staff members.

John, our contact with Living 86A08793-0B4B-4CC5-B7D2-6BC53FE9BAC9Water International, says Kimono Standard College “initially depended on a shallow well for their immediate water need. This posed extreme management, health and sanitation challenges. The students, particularly the weaker … girls and some boys had to walk long distances to unsecured unprotected water sources-the hand dug well searching for water. Physical fatigue, stress amongst the school population, and learning time lost (i.e. Time Poverty), affected school performance and enrolment children spend long hours hunting for water. Also, the girls were endangered by the unfriendly school environment characterized by inadequate sanitary facilities.”

In response to receiving this new clean water station, one of the 16 year-old girls sent her personal thank you:
“I thank you for this water. The school administration told us it will be developed into a production well serving whole school. We shall no longer walk long distances hunting for water from hand dug well or spend long time queuing for water. Thank you!”